Ibiza sun lounger

€ 335.17

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Nav zināms piegādes laiks.

Made from polypropylene and reinforced with fiberglass manufactured by gas injection. Stackable . Available in various colors. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

“Every idea comes from the light and the sea as life does…
From the ephemeral beauty of a season to an everlasting piece to keep this moment of a dream in a permanent frame.
Observing the plastic objects brought by the sea, like artificial shells, it inspired me a unique designer furniture collection made of recycled plastics from the island.
Ibiza is an emotional state of mind. Together with Vondom, this dream has become true: Ibiza eco-collection is born.”

by Eugeni Quitllet

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Ibiza sun lounger


  • Garums

    177 cm

  • Platums

    73 cm

  • Augstums

    72 cm

  • Svars

    15.8 kg

  • Krāsa

    White, ecru

  • Materiāls


  • Zīmols


  • Valsts


  • Telpa

    Balcony Garden Terrace