Planter, Chappra

€ 14.99

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Chappra from House Doctor is a small planter with details that impress. The light aluminium with a wonderful brass finish comes with fine detailing on the outside. Every planter is unique in this way and will be a stylish addition to your windowsill, shelves and tabletops. It will only look more stunning when the light hits the surface. Due to its small size and golden shade, Chappra is highly versatile and can be combined with numerous other materials such as glass and ceramics.

Planter, Chappra


  • Augstums

    9 cm

  • Svars

    0.14 kg

  • Diametrs

    9.5 cm

  • Krāsa

    Antique Brass Finish

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  • Telpa

    Living Room