Side table Montre

€ 174.00

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The Montre side table from House Doctor serves as both table and display case. Thanks to the glass sides and tabletop, the items you place on the shelf are on display and become part of your home décor. Made of mango wood, the golden colour has been maintained to give the side table a natural appeal, This lets the characteristics of the wood shine through as an important design feature. Use Montre by your sofa or place it as a console in your living room, adorned with an aluminium planter or your favourite candle holders.

Side table Montre


  • Garums

    38 cm

  • Platums

    28 cm

  • Augstums

    60 cm

  • Svars

    4.98 kg

  • Krāsa

    Antique brown

  • Materiāls

    Mango Wood, Glass

  • Valsts


  • Telpa

    Bedroom Living Room