Spritz bar table

€ 209.33

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Made of injected polypropylene with fiber glass. Stackable. Available in several colors. Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Spritz outdoor furniture collection, designed by Archirivolto Design for Vondom. “The white wooden fences lining the beach, the small strips that follow each other, in their perfect geometry.” It’s this picture that inspired the collection, which is composed of the stolen details to this inspiration.

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Spritz bar table


  • Garums

    50 cm

  • Platums

    50 cm

  • Augstums

    100 cm

  • Svars

    8.23 kg

  • Krāsa

    Mostaza, white, black, bronze, ecru

  • Materiāls

    Injected polypropylene with fiber glass

  • Zīmols


  • Valsts


  • Telpa

    Balcony Office Terrace