Stool Rag

€ 139.00

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Tall metal bar stool in a minimalist look. Even though the Rag stool from House Doctor is made of iron, it is a piece of furniture with a light expression. Place one or more around your kitchen island for informal dining or use it as a counter stool. The footrest makes it comfortable to sit on. Thanks to the contemporary material and sleek silhouette, the Rag stool is equally convincing as a stand-alone decorative element in your living room or hallway.

Stool Rag


  • Garums

    36 cm

  • Platums

    26 cm

  • Augstums

    75 cm

  • Svars

    5.08 kg

  • Krāsa

    Dark iron

  • Materiāls


  • Telpa

    Hallway Living Room