Bowl Pion (L)

€ 40.99

Pievienot Grozam

Nav zināms piegādes laiks.

Serve a crunchy salad in this large Pion bowl or use it as an informal fruit bowl. House Doctor has made it in stoneware which has been given a speckled, white glaze. Stylish yet informal, use the bowl with the rest of the Pion range or mix with any other dinner set in a similar, light colour. For the finishing touch, your choice of glassware and decoration decides whether your dinner will be a casual one or fine dining. With Pion on the table, you get the perfect foundation for a table setting that you can personalize and make your own.

Bowl Pion (L)


  • Augstums

    11.5 cm

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    0.90 kg

  • Diametrs

    19.5 cm

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    Dining Room Kitchen